Who knew family dysfunction could be so boring?
5 March 2010
In theory, this should be a great movie - interesting enough plot, good cast with good performances. A number of things drive this movie over a bridge to drown. To start, this movie consists of about 30 minutes of actual story, and 80 minutes of disjointed musical scenes and irrelevant cutaways. These scenes immediately kill any type of flow or sense of building climax. Anne Hathaway's character is embarrassingly painful to watch; are we really expected to sympathize with someone so self absorbed? Absolutely none of the character's conflicts (internal or external) are explored to any depth. This is a true shame as this is where the focus should have been, and not on the annoyingly long rehearsal dinner performances/speeches, or the never ending wedding songs and dances which have no segue in or out. Then we also have the horrible camera work. As the father tells his new son-in-law's brother, "put the camera down already!" Unnecessary 'artful' touches don't hide the fact that you haven't conquered basic story telling.
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