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Rush Hour (1998)
Rush, don't walk to these fantastic Hour(s)
17 March 2010
After being disappointed (originally) with Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element, as I was with that entire movie, I didn't want to see Rush Hour thinking it would be mainly a Chris Tucker vehicle, even though I was/am a huge Jackie Chan fan.

Well, I rewatched The Fifth Element and actually liked it a whole lot more and was willing to give the 1998 opposite buddy cop movie a shot. With just the first viewing (of future many) I wasn't let down. For a single minute.

I sincerely love this movie, and ranks as my second favorite buddy/cop movie behind Lethal Weapon 2. Only some slight flaws cause it to lose a full 5/5 stars, but then rarely is a movie perfect.

Super Cop Lee (Chan) in Hong Kong is summoned to the USA after Consul Han's (Ma) daughter is kidnapped. Since the F.B.I. doesn't wish to use outsider Lee's help, they team him with "I don't want a partner" LAPD cop Carter (Tucker,) not that anyone would have such a loose cannon.

Yes, I realize this is predictable and as unoriginal as it comes, however, if not for the fantastic quick wit of Tucker and the fantastic quick punch & creativity of Chan, none of this would work.

At any rate, they team, Lee fights and Carter uses every available to investigate the daughter's disappearance while uncovering a conspiracy. All to an exciting finale using both Chan and Tucker's charm and talents.

I'm not doing this movie much justice, but suffice to say, each and every time I've seen this, I have been rolling with laughter and excited with all of Chan's enormously original fight/flight sequences. This is a must-see for fans of comedy, heart, action, adventure and, of course, buddy/cop films. I could watch this movie a hundred times and still get the same effect. I probably have already.
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