Review of The Ring

The Ring (2002)
Acceptable remake based on successful Japanese movie plenty of chills , shocks and scary deeds
23 December 2010
Astounding terror movie about a vengeful specter that kills everybody hear a surrealist videotape . This frightening movie displays thrills , chills , hard-edged drama and ghastly images . This is the American version directed by Gore Verbinski whose argument copies exactly the Japan original movie without many surprises . Adolescents watch a videotape which supposedly causes the spectator to die. Afterwards the horrible death of some adolescents and her niece , the journalist named Rachel (Naomi Watts) begins to investigate rumors about a videotape that causes the strange murders , she finds out the truth about the tape and its origins at Shelter Mountain Inn . As she discovers that whenever a teenager spontaneously dies with a horrifying look on his face after hearing a supposedly killing videotape and one time the phone rings ,telling he had only one week to live . The reporter shows up to investigate these deeds and the happenings lead a mysterious woman named Anna Morgan who lived in Moesko island where exists a strange lighthouse . Rachel is helped by his ex-husband (Martin Henderson) and later they face a race to save their lives from spooky creature , an eerie phantom . Rachel tries to get the bottom of mystery and discovers the secrets of life of Samara and her father (Brian Cox) . Besides mysterious events are happening at home her ex-husband and both of them are caught up by ominous Samara , a spectre of pale complexion and large hair .

This horror film provides great load of screams, grisly killings and scary atmosphere which becomes pretty sinister with the Sadako appearing . The picture is a sleek production with passable budget and packs genuine chills , suspense, tension , and shocks , it's a terror-thriller very exciting . Good performance of Noami Watts as intrepid newspaper reporter determined to find out the amazing events . The film is paced with intelligent edition, special use of color and slick utilization of shock images . While the look is suitable atmospheric and creepy , the argument stretches plausibility to the breaking point. This is an acceptable adaptation of the novel and movie that took successfully Japan and based on original Japanese novel by Koji Suzuki that was a real success in the Asian cinemas and all around the world . The movie has some excellent special effects describing series of weird and otherworldly happenings and a magnificent make-up specially reflected on the hair-raising countenance of dead . Eerie musical score by the prestigious Hans Zimmer who also composed the following . Tenebrous cinematography by Bazzelli with the TV surrealist images filmed in 35 mm and in super 8 style . The motion picture is well written by Kruger and professionally realized by Gore Verbinski in similar style to original directed by Hideo Nakata , an expert on horror cinema who directed its following ¨Ringu 2 (1999)¨ ; furthermore he filmed US version , the inferior ¨Ring 2¨ also with Naomi Watts and his son played by David Dorfman.
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