Bizarre, strange, but somehow cute.
14 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Trashy little characters, played by talented children. How exploitative. I think it was pre-code (I studied history of theatrical censorship recently in college). It was satirical, and a takeoff on all the adults.

The African-American children played stereotypes. This was common then. This movie was made way before the civil rights movement, and way before someone alluded that it was better to be paid a lot of money playing a maid than being one in real life.

The diapers were corny and too revealing. The bar scene was hilarious. All this made-up stuff reminded me of the set of dog films (same time period?) where dogs talked, were dressed in people clothes and hats, and made to walk on their hind legs to mimic people, all the while acting out scenes like domestic abuse and divorce. Ugh.

This was still a fascinating window into an earlier time. I liked the part of "a lollipop in every fist", lol. I was thinking of the current political scene, where politicians try to make promises before they actually go to Washington. Remember "a chicken in every pot", lol? It was before my time, but I heard about it.
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