Review of Touch & Go

Touch & Go (2003)
Great hidden gem!
22 April 2011
This movie is really the definition of a hidden gem. Never released on DVD it was only aired on TV.

The movie really touches my heart. I love coming of age stories, and this is a great one about a carefree 30 something named who has skated by in life with a dead end job as a tour bus guide. This is about his struggle with becoming a man and finding a purpose. The movie is great at showing his evolution to maturity. Plus, it's funny, plenty of laugh out loud moments.

There's also a great romantic element to the movie as we see Darcy struggle with his love for a girl, who happens to be his friend's girlfriend. The characters have great chemistry and the romance is very down to earth and real which I love.

This movie also features one of Ellen Page's earlier roles as Darcy's young skater buddy who tries to push Darcy forward. While she isn't on screen much she completely steals the screen when she's on. Also, the production takes place in Halifax, Canada (which happens to be Ellen's hometown) and as a Canadian I'm proud to say it does a stunning job at showing off the town. In fact, part of the movies greatness is the lovely scenic views of the beautiful harbour. Do yourself a favour and find a copy of this. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
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