Not terrible but pretty close
14 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Not terrible but pretty close. Sex researchers Andrew Duggan & Efrem Zimbalist Jr. come to town & send the women into a frenzy. Nymphomaniac Claire Bloom has a destructive affair with sleazy musician Corey Allen. Unhappily married Shelley Winters hooks up with local theater director Ray Danton. Beatnik artist Glynis Johns has a decidedly un-erotic run in with pro-football player Ty Hardin. Frigid young widow Jane Fonda ends up with Zimbalist! The acting is very uneven with Bloom coming off best. She's really tragic. Fonda is awful in this early role. Winters is Winters and Johns provides the film's (much needed) comic relief. Directed, blandly, by George Cukor. Featuring a lot of lightweight talent in the supporting roles. In addition to Hardin, there's Chad Everett, Jack Cassidy, and John Dehner. Harold J. Stone plays Winters' husband.
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