The Eden Formula (2006 TV Movie)
The SyFy dinosaur creature formula
26 May 2012
I do get dubious watching SyFy movies, and watched The Eden Formula mainly to see if it was an improvement over their other movies. The Eden Formula is nowhere near their worst, but it is not one of their more tolerable efforts either. The only real redeeming qualities were good performances from Jeff Fahey and Tony Todd. The rest of the acting ranges from over-eager to completely bland, the extras actually seemed to be making much more of an effort. The acting is not the only let-down to The Eden Formula. The dinosaur effects are laughably bad, among the worst I've seen from the SyFy channel in a while, cheap in design, choppy in movement and lacking any kind of menace. There was nothing really memorable in the story either, it lacked momentum and just failed to come to life in general, as well as being structurally thin and predictable. The script is rambling and cheesy, and the characters are cliché after cliché after cliché, just how many times do we need the mad scientist character? Overall, not the worst but lame. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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