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15 January 2013
Morgan Conway stars with an adult Bonita Granville in "The Truth About Murder," a 1946 film.

Granville plays Christine Allen, an attorney in love with the D.A. (Morgan Conway). She would like to practice law, but he wants her to marry him and garden and get pregnant. You think this film is a little dated? When a philandering friend of theirs (June Clayworth) is murdered, her husband is accused, and Christine takes his case.

The film has a couple of holes, plus I knew who the murderer was about ten minutes in and then it all seemed so obvious as to be ridiculous.

The performances are fine. There's something really neat about Morgan Conway - he had such a strong face and nice delivery - and Granville does a good job as well. I think this is the first adult thing I've seen her do.

The end - well, let's just say the film is dated and leave it at that.
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