Biff Baker, U.S.A.: Counterfeit Plates (1952)
Season 1, Episode 7
The Bakers stumble onto a mystery while on vacation
31 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The story opens in a cave hideout during WWII and a Nazi officer is being ordered by phone to destroy everything in the cave. The Nazis have been using $20 counterfeit plates to print American money. Instead of destroying everything, the officer takes the money and plates, kills the five other soldiers in the cave and flees. It's now after the war and Biff and his wife Louise are vacationing in Endorf, Germany. The former Nazi hideout is one of the "sights" the local innkeeper tells the Bakers about. The Bakers meet, and become friendly with, an American writer who is also staying at the inn. Another guest soon arrives - it's the Nazi officer who is posing as Mr. Rodriguez from Argentina. Things move swiftly and it's pretty neat how Biff figures out who the culprit with the plates is. Biff and Louise are a very engaging couple. It was nice seeing Kenneth Tobey (whose most memorable role was as the star of The Thing). A good show.
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