Review of Aftershock

Aftershock (2012)
people have been slain for less
12 May 2013
"Why?" is something I ask myself several times a day regarding different matters. Right now I ask myself "why has this crap even been made?" ten million was the budget it says on IMDb, wow, what a waste!!

Plot: a bunch of buddies party around in Chile. After an earthquake they have to find their way out from an underground nightclub only to find the city in chaos with cons roaming the streets.

The opening is way too long and does not indicate at all what genre it belongs to, nor does it hint that the characters will face off against criminals in the last third of the Movie, major plot flaws if you ask me. The Movie does not even have any message, Words of morality/wisdom which is so clear in the simplest of Movies, even Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has one. It is so boring that it does not even work as a "sleeping pill", that become so annoyed that someone decided to spend 10 million that you cannot even fall asleep.

I give it 1 out of 10, avoid at any cost!!
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