Aftershock (2012)
Narrative failure
20 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately this movie looks a lot better in the trailer than it actually is. I'm giving it points for defying expectations but essentially this is a big flop of a movie. The narrative is unconventional to say the least. It spends a staggering 30minutes introducing three serious douchebags. One American, two Chileans. Not explained how they came to be roving around Chile, but they have money and not a lot of responsibility. You would imagine that after thirty minutes these guys are going to be the major characters. Surprise! Only one of these guys survives any distance into the disaster and during the latter half of the movie the main characters are three girls who are considerably less fleshed out than the guys we met first off.

That's not the only narrative flaw. Why is there such an effort made to introduce the girl with the wu-tang tattoo. Is she going to feature in the rest of the film? Nope. Are any of the character backgrounds actually important to the story or how they act under pressure? Not really. How come during the cable car crash (whatever it is) a crowded street suddenly becomes utterly deserted?

I guess the main purpose of this story is to show us that during a disaster death comes randomly, even to people who think they are the lead characters.
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