The Conjuring (2013)
Did i see the same movie as everyone else?
20 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Conjuring is not nearly as bad as it could have been, it did have some pretty solid jump scares and every actor could hold their own on screen. However; This movie had way too much going on, there were witches, evil dolls, possession, demons, psychic visions, etc. Waiting for each of the sub plots to come to their epic conclusion felt like watching paint dry as the scenario breaks into even smaller pieces and more sub plots appear. The ending didn't feel like an effective pay off at all, and call me simple but i prefer a bit of grisly violence in my horror movies which this movie was devoid of.

Not to mention the ghosts were not scary looking in the least bit (with the exception of that damn doll) and they looked like they were ripped right out of insidious, which just takes away from the movie.

This movie is just jump scares irrelevant to the plot and a boring excuse to cash in out the success of insidious.
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