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Hazel (1961–1966)
A better title would be Nasal.
30 July 2013
This show was in reruns on UHF when I was a kid. And like a bad case of the shingles after having chicken pox as a kid, it's back in reruns again.

I'm not sure which annoys me most about this show. Is it Shirley Booth's incredibly annoying nasal voice, the vocal equivalent of nails on a chalkboard? Is it how she walks in what looks like a slow run, head pointed down, swinging her arms as if she has a large metal object in her nether regions? Or is it the fact her character is a condescending, interfering, obnoxious control freak.

Every episode is the same. The main character assumes everyone, including her employer, is below her. In her mind, she has all the wisdom in the world, and everyone else is a moron. Hence, condescending. Then she always comes up with some sneaky plot to right all the wrongs the morons around her are making. Hence, interfering. This plan is always underhanded, conniving, never involves honesty and always causes a problem. Hence, obnoxious. But in the end, she always wins and gets her way. Hence, control freak.

Possibly the most annoying TV show ever to disgrace the airwaves. All in all, it only stayed on the air because it was basically a 30 minute commercial for Ford automobiles. Which still suck. It reminds me of when my ex mother-in-law lived with us for almost a decade. She was just like Hazel, a condescending, interfering, obnoxious control freak. Her antics and sneaky plots ended up destroying a marriage. Only difference was she didn't cook or wear a little paper maid hat. But that goes without saying.
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