Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs / Daffy / Elmer Hunting Trilogy Part One. The saga begins
16 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For those that have ever wondered how the "Duck season! Rabbit season" argument became part of pop culture, it all began here.

Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese decided to change Daffy Duck's personality a bit. In this cartoon Daffy became less goofy and more malicious. Especially when in came to his best "frenemy" Bugs Bunny. And history was made.

While it was never clearly established why Daffy wishes bodily harm on Bugs, we can assume that jealousy played a part in this. Regardless of why, this change works. For some reason, you immediately accept Daffy's new role as an antagonist for Bugs.

This makes it easier to laugh until you cry as Daffy is tricked time and time again into saying "duck season", taking a shotgun blast to the face, and waiting to see what new position his bill will be in when the smoke clears.

The other two cartoons in this series use the blueprint established here for great effect. I have to give this the full 10 stars as it set the tone for the next two installments.
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