Review of Hazel

Hazel (1961–1966)
Recurring Lines in Dialog
30 August 2013
This is not a spoiler review.I watched the show when I was a very young boy and still watch reruns on Antenna TV from time to time.But one thing that I realize now even though I thought Shirley Booth had a very successful career as a film and TV actress I believe that the comments made between her and Don DeFore as George Baxter would have had people writing today about the fact that in just about every episode he would ask for more of whatever they were eating or they had a guest that she would offer a brownie or cake to and he would state that he wanted something to eat and she would refuse him by saying that he couldn't have anything because of his"diet" and he would just accept it.Anyone today I think would remind her of who was paying her salary and bounce her out the door because at that time in her career she wasn't the slimmest actress around by any means.
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