For Glynis Johns Fans Only. Period.
18 September 2013
The Chapman Report is about sex and how it plays into the life of an average suburban housewife. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. is a pollster for the survey, and he meets Jane Fonda, by way of interviewing her and then taking a liking to her. While they look like they make a good couple, they became boring with all their talk. Claire Bloom is interviewed, but she is anything but normal. While I knew that Claire Bloom is an exceptional actress, her plot ultimately disinterested and depressed me, despite the fact she has some Oscar-worthy scenes. Shelley Winters, another good actress, is another housewife. Her plot held some interest for me, as she becomes disloyal to her husband. But I ultimately felt unmoved by her plot and grew tired of it. The only person who really shines in this movie and gives it its only charm and bright spot is Glynis Johns as an artist. She sees Ty Hardin on the beach and is enamored by his body. She befriends him and convinces him to pose for her, but then, when she tells him what she really wants, something happens she didn't expect. At least, not in the way she wanted. If you're a Glynis Johns fan, then you must see this film. If not, don't bother. If you want to learn about sex, buy a book, ask a parent or better yet find a partner. Don't watch this.
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