25 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I lived in France then got back to Portugal. I know many emigrants and many French people. Many different kind of each. And I can say that I saw almost all of them in the movie, and that's amazing. For most of the people, the movie is very good, for Portuguese people, it is fantastic, but for Portuguese emigrants (or former) in France, it is really over the top! Congratulation Ruben Alves, tu contastes une histoire comme deve ser, caraille! ;) There is small details that could have been handled better. Lourdes and Maria have a different level of french (strange for sisters, considering that Lourdes speaks perfect french). It would have been better if José had a bit more of Portuguese accent. Another detail, since they are from the north (Douro, use of B instead of V), Fado doesn't have much (not to say nothing) to do with it. They should be listening Rancho, and eventually Pimba music that is far more popular.
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