Tainted Blood (1993 TV Movie)
Joan van Ark smokes cigarettes
18 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Joan van Ark smokes cigarettes and drinks and slaps her daughter! Watch this for the character acting talents of Joan van Ark. Joan's character is a total mess! She smokes, drinks and slaps her daughter. She has several breakdowns in front of the neighbors and paints her nails and drinks in bed all day. This is a must watch for any knots landing fan to see Joan's great acting range! She blew me away, just fantastic. The rest of the movie is pretty good and interesting too in a dark way. Just when you think something is one way, the ending will blow you away! Another cute thing for knots landing fans in Emily Ann Lloyd who played Val's daughter Betsy on Knots Landing shows up in the film. Also, some fabulous acting by Raquel welsh! I'd recommend the movie for everyone to watch. It's a bit dark and shocking, but good!
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