The Protectors (2009–2010)
Sluggish start, but soon in full sail
1 April 2014
In recent years, I have been in the wavelength of Scandinavian crime films and series, particularly Danish and Swedish, but Livsvagterne had somehow slipped my mind. Forbrydelsen, Borgen and Bro/Broen, for example, have obtained more fame and media coverage. But, a for now, I have seen both seasons and I am happy I did, as it is a strong and intense creation where both human values and world politics have decent place within.

True, the first story focusing on new employees' preparation courses and indecisive Minister of Defence was just above average, but the next events and angles were as sophisticated as in other great Danish series: versatile characters, distinctive acting, multilevel plot, events n different countries, realistic approaches on difficult topics such as different religions/genders/ages, etc. Some solutions were predictable, but - nevertheless - it was pleasant and catchy to follow the persons and events leading to them.

Unlike other series, the one in question has less actors known internationally, no Mikkelsens or Coaster-Waldau or Nielsen, but this apparently due to the physique, age and skills required for a bodyguard (I recognised Thomas W. Gabrielsson and Ellen Hillingsø only in senior roles). Luckily, its quality and originality have been awarded: Livvagterne won an International Emmy Award from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for best non-American television drama series in 2009. But still, I think, it should deserve more attention here in Europe, and could attract female audience as well, regardless of the main topic.
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