Highlander: Nowhere to Run (1993)
Season 1, Episode 21
last of the just average fill in epis of season 1...but
16 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Got 7 just because of ASH or AH depending on including middle name (Buffy Fan and discovered Merlin, the latter being pretty good too). one thing found a bit funny, AH seems so much younger, despite "son" here, than he does about 3ys later with Buffy (of course over the 7 Buffy seasons), even looks younger...also fun to see the other "watcher" in a later season of Highlander. AH is also much like 1st season Buffy, I also find funny (why just do).

Did an OK job dealing with Rape, it is a subject and a crime that is never really solved, and no don't count the arrest and if "lucky"jail time for the rapist,..those of us who have been there know and maybe some of those who stand beside and behind or whatever it is have a hint of it...yes life goes on, you relearn to live you may even "appear" to "forget" as you live because you have to live...SO for some this epi could be a problem,...

It is also a bit on the slow side as for the way the story flows, so for that could have taken half off but ratings here no halves. It is interesting to see them come up with a line of defence, ya other shows have done this too (maybe better),an AH still looks so much younger than 3 yrs later (repeat me self).

Ya we know the son is guilty, feel for the father, AH character, no beheading as the immortal step father was looking after the daughter he loves. Could type more, maybe be more uh descriptive but well OK/hard story to do, slow moving with a few fast, Just going how can someone look so much older in 3 yrs when looks more like least 10 or so well to me anyways an hey typed more...wonder who if any will see and actually read these I type...if you do/did thank you and have a great day/night.
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