Goldstein (1964)
I just don't see what others see in this one.
12 May 2014
"Goldstein" won an award at the famous Cannes film festival. Likewise, the few reviews it has on IMDb are very positive. However, I just cannot understand any of this as I found the film to be extremely amateurish and awful. It's supposed to be a modern interpretation of Elijah, though I wouldn't have known this by watching the film--this is what Wikipedia has to say about this strange and rambling movie.

The cast of this film is made up of a bunch of Second City actors and a few others not from this comedy troop. However, despite its pedigree, I just didn't see or hear anything that made me laugh. And, you know it's going to be a chore when one of the funny guys in the film is Jack Burns. All in all, a painful movie to watch and one I wish never to see again.
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