Go See it.
18 June 2014
I watched this on the night of the premier, it was being beamed direct from there to Crawley and other cinemas all over the country, I wasn't sure what to expect, but being familiar with Nick Nevern and knowing what a quality actor he is, I was expecting good things, well I was wrong, because what I got, were great things, the writing ,direction, casting were all top notch , it really is a funny, very, very funny film, full of cameos from actor from films of the genre this film is parodying , it never fails to deliver and is the funniest British Film since 'Hot Fuzz' you don't need to like hooligan films to love this because it is a superb comedy movie, you are guaranteed to laugh all the way through, and be blown away from the acting of Nick Nevern (also the director and co writer) Jason Maza ,Lorraine Stanley, Josef Atlin etc. etc, lots of well known faces show up throughout the movie, including a very funny one from the brilliant Jeff Stewart (Reg Hollis) . For a film to look this good for the relatively low budget is testament to Nevern, who I predicted great things for, many years ago when he completely out-acted every other cast member in a couple of episodes, of one of my favourite shows 'Dream Team' I am sure he will soon be making films in Hollywood and I wouldn't think Jason Maza will be far behind him, who is an English version of a young De Niro (imo).

I would recommend any film fan to give this a look, you'll love it, and at the same time you will be supporting British movies, because whatever you say comedy is done best by The Brits.

More please Nevern, Lyndley and Maza!
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