Jigarthanda (2014)
Raw, Subtle & Artistic. All at once.
4 August 2014
To start with, Jigarthanda is a movie which exceeds all expectations. Saying that it doesn't have any cheap suspense or melodrama to usher it forward. Its a perfect symphony conducted by who else, the director who doesn't want to please his audience, or at least not in the way other directors would want to. Be it the well composed music sequences which is a masterpiece by itself or the unassuming camera-work which surely will take the DOP, Gavemic to places in the coming days. Jigarthanda is a fest. Coming to the lead actors (there are no HEROS or VILLAINS), who do justice to the faith shown by the director on them.Owing to the fact that we live in a period where a Bolly hero KICK's his way to the box office. JIGARTHANDA is a gem and Karthik Subaraj is an Artist who knows his craft. SPECIAL MENTION: The rain scene which is followed by the toilet scene. Masterpiece-Goosebumps. BTW this is not a review of the film, just a few words of praise.
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