Review of April Rain

April Rain (2014)
Solid cast and intriguing plot
18 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this movie! The whole point was that we as Americans need to be vigilant and on the lookout for this type of behavior. I thought it was insightful and creative and it should, in the very least, spark conversation about the scary possibility of domestic attacks. Really worth the watch! Thank you Showtime for picking it up! Also, I was glad to see seasoned TV actors take the time to work on an indie film such as "April Rain" and shed more light on the subject matter. As far as the production value, given the budget limitations most independent films struggle with, this one opens with aerial shots of the L.A. skyline, it has multiple gun battles and shootouts with automatic weapons, fist fights and chases. Yes, the scooter chase wasn't the typical action movie car chase, but it was an important part of the plot. As one of the characters said; "scooters are small and easy to maneuver." A scooter could very well be the vehicle of choice if a criminal would want to get away from the scene of a crime quickly. Great cast and story.
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