Babylon (2014)
It just gets Better and Better.
26 November 2014
I was instantly hooked by the trailer back in 2013 for the Pilot in February the coming year, and i did like it. However the Pilot itself seemed off what it really wanted to be about, you could tell from the start what its goal of being a comedy show about the Metropolitan Police and the struggle with the media was, to be funny with a concrete story, and it was for the first 20 or so minutes however it soon became all too serious and dragged on. I enjoyed it but it could have been more appealing which leads me onto the fact that, the show is getting increasingly better! The first episode of the new series practically begged me to watch it, we all know what Danny Boyle's trailers can be like so i gave the show a second chance and i was right to do so, Babylon picked back up its comedic trophy and beat the serious thick boring mess that was the pilot into something amazing, Nesbitt's role becomes more funny but yet more dark, Brit Marling truly goes on an all out blitzkrieg with her highly intelligent but yet surprisingly competitive character, and all whilst the show focuses more and more of the effects on, and life of the Police but more their humanity and what they deal with. This is at the point now where the storyline gets serious, as it got too much of it during the pilot, but yet the show itself has now found the correct balance of Comedy and a Solid Story. Basically, Boyle took something that needed work instead of ditching it, and made it into a show truly worth follow up series and more than the rating it currently has. Bravo.
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