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Jessabelle (2014)
Nothing new here........move along
6 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While this film gave the off the same creepy vibe from The Skeleton Key it was no where near as well made. The story is so overdone it's not scary anymore...the vengeful spirit waiting for the right person to come along so their lost soul can inhabit that body.

So many plot holes left unexplained...where did Jessie actually come from, was there no medical professional present at the birth of the real child and why hadn't Jessabelle been torturing Leon he is the one who actually killed her...Jessie was an innocent victim, kidnapped from her real family and raised by an aunt...why should Jessie be tormented and eventually have her soul destroyed and her body inhabited by the evil spirit of Jessabelle? It really made no sense to me.
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