How did THIS earn a "G" Rating??!
11 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
(Spoilers ahead)........When this movie came out from Disney we went to see it. How could we go wrong? It was from Disney and it had a sweet title. Boy, were we duped!! How on earth did the murder, drownings, depression, and other adult themes pass the ratings board?? Geez.

The movie is stark, dark and unrelentingly depressing. Until the surprise ending, which, by the way.....we know nothing about during the movie.

Mary Steenbergen is a good actress, but it is her personality to talk slowly and usually look like she's drugged. In this movie it was dwelled on and she's given a highly depressed role to play....she does it to the hilt. She's a mother with lots of problems and she's also contemplating suicide.

While watching this movie, I was thinking of every sad event in my life and it had me wanting to do the same......Until we walked into the daylight.

I'm so happy we didn't have children at the time.

Yes, we always want our kids to know that bad things exist. They see it in the news and hear about it. BUT I won't pay to have my children exposed to adult themes which came posed as a heartwarming" and "Magic Christmas." I'd rather get a root canal.
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