One Interesting Idea is Not Enough to Carry Early Talkie
14 January 2015
Dull and Talky Early Talkie that has an Insightful Idea About Slick Suited Business Types Actually Running the Mob. A Behind Closed Doors Peek at the Money Men and the Machine They Operate that Causes Harm and Pain for the Average Citizen.

There is a Creepy Atmosphere of No Empathy. They Even Take Milk from the Mouths of Babes. Except for the Fresh Concept of Adding Machines Instead of Machine Guns there isn't Enough Here to Recommend. A Message Movie that is Mundane to Say the Least.

Also, it is a Pre-Code Movie with Nothing that Would Not Pass Post-Code. Loretta Young Fans Might Want to Check In and See the Star in an Early Role. Walter Huston is Bland and it Certainly is a Role that Just About Anyone Could Play, and He Looks Bored.
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