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Whiplash (2014)
Full Metal Fame Jacket...Or something.
24 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I gave it 28 minutes. That was generous, in that I knew it was going to be terrible within about 2.

I've been to music school. It's not like this. The teachers aren't like this. No one's like this (obviously I'm referring to 'Hollywood idea of what a hard-ass music teacher might be like in some weird juvenile negative fantasy' Fletcher).

I switched off when he threw a chair at Andrew the drum prodigy and then slapped him. SLAPPED him. Repeatedly. In front of a whole, cowed class of what, in legal terms, would be called witnesses to an assault, for playing slightly fast, the first time he's ever played to him in a band practice.

I'm sorry, what?! Where does this/would this/has this ever happened? In a Charles Dickens novel about a jazz drum student, possibly. In anything even vaguely purporting to be based on real life now, um...No.

I'm stunned. Yet another IMDb/Metacritic/Rotten Tomatoes gush-fest that is so laughably bad, you have to check the page again to really believe it's got such high praise.

Excruciating nonsense.
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