Jessabelle (2014)
Refreshing, spooky, recommended .... BUT OMG the ending!
3 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Stumbled onto this by accident on cable and was delighted with the find.

I like horror films, I have seen a lot, and it is no easy feat to catch my attention, but for the first 99% of this movie (more below), I was having a heck of a time...

First, Sarah Snook. What a career she has ahead. She is charismatic and empathetic enough to carry this "lone woman by herself" story and hold the viewer's attention like glue. She seems like a normal character, the kind you might meet in the supermarket, then the camera will suddenly catch her at just the right angle and the entire screen fills up with those amazing eyes. A plus.

The story (except for the last 5 minutes) is also a big plus. It seems like a demented version of the 1973 drama "Message To My Daughter" with Bonnie Bedalia, except here the mother leaving the message (joelle Carter) is possibly insane and the message is nothing short of terrifying.

Another big plus is the supporting cast. David Andrews is just brilliant as the father whose erratic behaviour could scare the $%&% out any kid. When he finally comes to a bad end, even though he is the only friend that Snook's character has in the world, the audience actually feels relieved. That's acting.

And Mark Webber as the "ex" who seems to be trying to help Snook out of compassion -- against the protests of his confused wife -- also nails his character dead on.

Lots of spooky bits, more than a fair share of scenes that would make you regret watching it by yourself.

In other words -- and I want to be clear on this -- going into the ninth inning we were way ahead on points and this film looked like a gem.

And then you have the "twist reverse" ending, and a lot of the air suddenly seeps from the fun balloon.

My job as a reviewer is to call 'em as I see 'em. Just keep in mind that the last 5 minutes may introduce a jarring note to the story, and try to get your enjoyment from everything that comes before.

And you will confidently scared out of your wits.
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