The Ring (2002)
Undeclared Horror Masterpiece
7 August 2015
The Ring usually gets a bad rep for being "too slow" and some people even say that "nothing happens" in the movie. Unless you have ADD or something, you have to at least appreciate what Gore Verbinski achieved in 2002. What he did was he basically took the premise of Ringu, a good suspenseful Japanese horror flick and made it more suspenseful and filled with creepy visuals.

I am a huge horror fan, and this is one of the movies that unsettles me the most. The suspenseful pace, the incredible, beautiful but haunting visuals make this a unique experience. I love gory films, but this one relies a lot more on psychological horror and imagery to create scares. No jump scares, just good story telling.

The movie may not answer all the questions it creates, but the viewer, if he pays attention accordingly, will be able to figure them out for himself.

Unsettling to the bone, The Ring is one of my favorite horror films of all time. Truly underrated.
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