April Rain (2014)
Not a bad soap opera made for TV Lazy Day B movie Thriller!!! Don't believe all the negative reviews.
1 September 2015
This is NOT a bad movie. OK, maybe it is. Every aspect is more than predictable. You don't have to figure out what comes next. If you are like me and enjoy something in the background that draws your attention once in a while, enough to keep up with the plot while you work on the computer then this is a movie for you! If you want a great piece of film that captures your attention and stays with you for days then look elsewhere.

Luke Goss (Blade 2, Hellboy 2) and Doug Savant (Godzilla 1998) do decent jobs as special agents, as does Vincent Spano who plays Doug's partner. It's also nice to see Ming-Na Wen (who I think does a great job in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) albeit for only some brief screen-time.

There is some laughable character development followed by more believable emotional exchanges all in the same 15 minutes, more than once, but hey, that is part of the fun. All in all I would give this B grade TV movie a chance if you like "Lazy Day" flicks and aren't overly critical. If you are a cine-file then watch B movies like Lisa and the Devil (1973) or The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) instead.
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