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Exeter (II) (2015)
Don't listen to the haters!
17 September 2015
There are some real Horror Snobs out there . I'm not sure what they want. There is the gore / torture group, who if there isn't kids getting murdered and babies decapitated , are unhappy. They are really secret psychopaths who are living out there sick fantasies by proxy and have terrible taste. Then there is the intellectual crowd, who , although much better taste , are too stuck up to enjoy anything that doesn't think too much or look too fancy / hip. I like horror for one reason. It's not boring. OK, so this is not Hostel. And it's not Silence of the Lambs or Sinister. But that doesn't mean that it has no merit! This is a pretty good little exorcism flick. Fast paced, good effects, great acting, and no lame lines ( which is super hard to do in a movie about teens. Dialogue just starts to evaporate the younger the cast. Was it cheese? No. It actually scared me. More like roller coaster scares. I was stressed out watching it but could walk downstairs and use the bathroom alone no problem. Not very realistic but you won't care. It's not that kind of fun, and you won't notice. Very gross. Ya. All in all, this is a great movie for fun and jumps, and it isn't stupid. Well, except for one part . There is a part in this movie that is about the sign of the crescent moon. In the movie they say that it is a Wicca sign ( true) and that it is demonic and don't want to spoil the movie but they say that it is a bad thing. OK so for anyone out there not familiar with Wicca, Wicca is probably the tamest, nicest, kindest, pure good and white religion out there. Wiccans are more Christ like than Christians. They go by a code, which is not to hurt anyone less you get hurt three times worse. They worship nature or and the goddess and are really peaceful, good people. They are the furthest from anything evil, or satanic or bad / black there is. But I get it, not many people have any idea about the witchcraft religions and they like to think they are super scary and all that . I can forgive that. Because I'm used to that. No I'm not Wiccan but I've known a lot and they remind me of Jesus . They are that nice and that harmless. They are as scared of the dark stuff as everyone else. So besides that , you should enjoy this film.. Have fun. Get grossed out and be entertained and don't listen to anyone that gave this movie less than a 6. They're lying.
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