Operator (I) (2015)
Aspires to be a blockbuster action movie.
5 October 2015
Definitely an enjoyable action movie. It was fast paced and action packed and also had a tense and twist filled story which kept me watching. However,the way the twist are set in the movie could have been better. Most of the twist can be seen from a mile away. Also the acting from Mischa Barton could have been a lot better. Her character should have shown more emotion and shock since she was pushed into the situation all of a sudden.

For a low budget action movie,there was plenty of action scenes but some of it was ruined by the terrible cgi. It felt like the director wanted to make it look like a big budget action movie by making the explosions and set design bigger with cgi but it kinda backfired since the cgi makes it look cheaper. But even with all those flaws,the movie is perfectly enjoyable. A low expectation will guarantee a satisfied viewing for this movie.
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