If you have friends, then destroy them.
3 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What a terrific, astounding French series about the cold, ruthless and fierce world - or may I say underworld - of the French intelligence services (the D.G.S.E), the equivalent of American C.I.A, Israeli Mossad or British M.I.6. You deal here with a deep dive into this obscure and so lethal jungle where predators of all kinds, cheaters and cold blooded killers, men and women, are on constant rampage to destroy you. The painting is so accurate, sharp as a knife, describing all the details, at least many of them - it' a secret world, after all - many tricks used by this shadow warriors to accomplish their duty and, most of all, survive. The true face of those men and women who fight for their country all over the world, in most cases totally undercover. Those men and women who lose their own identities because they have so many of them. Those men and women who are ready to cheat, kill, torture OUT OF ANY LAW in order to achieve their mission. Those men and women ready to accomplish the impossible to be the best among the best. You have already seen SECRET DEFENSE directed by Philip Haim, back in 2008, and AGENTS SECRETS that Frederic Schoenderffer gave us in 2004. Both were accurate portraits of what secret agents truly are. But this TV series is the most brilliant expose of what the "Swimming Pool" atmosphere is. Swimming Pool is the nick name given by the agents of the French Intelligence (DGSE) headquarters in Paris.
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