The Throne (2015)
Fall of a prince
25 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is a bit of a draw out movie but isn't really a slow burner movie. The pacing of it had my attention most of the way through, but after the first hour it started to get a bit stale. I did appreciate the well crafted cinematography and for it now being a amateurish movie. With bunch of corny slapstick comedy thrown in to entertain the audiences. This is a historical film based on a true story about a prince that was ordered to get locked inside a confide space until he died. Because the king didn't find his son to be worthy of the position of being king and looked forward to his grandson taking his place instead. Mainly because the son was more interested in being free and art over order and studying. Which actually seems quite familiar to the dysfunctional aspects of most families these days. With the son or daughter rebelling against the parents and the parents forcing their belief down their child's throat. The acting for the most part is superb in this and it really makes some of the drawn out scenes very watchable. So, the beginning shows the prince getting locked up and from their on it goes from flashback to flashback on how the prince lost the favor from the king and what lead to that point. This isn't a action packed historical movie with swords and arrows flying everywhere, as a matter of fact there is almost none of that. As a matter of fact there is not even a villain that causes turmoil in the kingdom. Instead it's a historical drama about the fall of a prince and how what could have been easily avoided didn't work out because of stubborn attitude and grudge. Despite the drawn out aspect of this movie the build up for the most part had some tension to it. Overall this is a film worth checking out, at least once if you like historical dramas.

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