Very well filmed, the true story is more interesting than fiction
3 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This stunningly filmed movie is about the true story that was the inspiration for Moby Dick. The movie is worth watching because it's so well filmed, the ocean cinematography is just breathtaking - it's almost enough to make you slightly sea sick. It's actually a better, more interesting and more horrific story than Moby Dick. The characters were imperfect heroes who made mistakes that led to the events.

The actors are well cast and their faces fit well into the time period. Chris Hemsworth looks very much like a 19th Century sea man if a bit larger than life as the first mate. Benjamin Walker has a face that looks very much like a 19th Century portrait of a New England man.

Last year Angelina Jolie's stranded at sea survival story "Unbreakable" gave us a taste of the thirst and horror of being without water. But this movie shows us more than thirst with cannibalism.

If like me you thought Moby Dick was boring, this movie is actually much more interesting. Worth watching on the big screen.
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