Best Portuguese movie in a while
26 December 2015
I just watched this film and the immediate takeaway was that I should have watched it sooner. The movie has a strong base on stereotypes, giving you, from the beginning, a very generalized emigrated Portuguese family, appealing in a great way to Portuguese viewers. However, this movie is not, and should not be, restricted to those same viewers and a viewer that is not Portuguese will be able to have a pleasant time enjoying the movie.

The dialogue is made in a great way, satirizing a whole generation of Portuguese emigrants, that mix the french and Portuguese language in a comical way. The acting is also on point and the actors were able to carry a great story, filled with just the right amount of comedy and dramatic moments.

The movie is good and while stereotyping a lot of things for history purpose, it kinda escapes the stereotype that has been formed about Portuguese movies: that they suck (or are average at best). I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it sure is an enjoyable film, granted to put some tears in your eyes and some smiles on your face.
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