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Exeter (II) (2015)
10 March 2016
Director Marcus Nispel's previous incursions into horror cinema were two remakes of legendary films (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th), and Exeter is his first horror movie with "original" material... even though it doesn't have a pinch of originality. The screenplay of Exeter is built by parts borrowed from much better films, from The Evil Dead to The Exorcist. However, I have to admit that, despite not being a very good movie, I found Exeter moderately entertaining and occasionally funny... even though this last thing was accidental. The main problem of Exeter is the unlikable characters, whose arrogant attitudes and superficial development avoid their deaths from evoking the slightest emotion; I couldn't even empathize with the heroes by default. And the screenplay is full of huge holes and logical inconsistencies. For example, the characters have access to the Internet with their cellphones, and even an iPad tablet to consult the steps of an exorcism... but they can't use them in order to ask for help? And, of course, an evil force closed the doors and windows to avoid them from escaping; however, there are tools everywhere (the building they are in is getting renovated), and the doors and windows don't seem very resistant. Maybe, with some cooperation and effort... eh, nevermind; screenwriter Kirsten Elms obviously didn't expect the audience to make inconvenient questions. On the positive side of Exeter, the cinematography, production design and settings are attractive and appropriately "grunge". In conclusion, Exeter managed to keep me moderately entertained despite its mediocrity, and I can give it a slight recommendation because of that.
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