Silly but entertaining
7 April 2016
A fictional movie based VERY loosely on the Kinsey studies of the 1950s. Dr. Chapman (Andrew Duggan) goes to a suburban California town to study women's sex behavior through interviews helped by handsome Paul Radford (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.). They meet young widow Kathleen (Jane Fonda) who is frigid and has a VERY protective father; Naomi (Claire Bloom) who is pill-popping alcoholic nymphomaniac; Sarah (Shelley Winters) a pathetic married woman who is cheating on her husband and Teresa (Glynis Johns) a happily married woman who decides to have a fling with young hunky Ed (Ty Hardin).

This is what passed for as adult entertainment in 1962. What was considered pretty risqué in 1962 is laughably tame today. The sexual talk is frank and kind of silly. This comes off as little more than a big-budget soap opera...but it IS entertaining enough. The acting is pretty good all around but Fonda comes off as a little shrill. Bloom is excellent her role but really--its beneath her. The same year she played a lesbian in "The Haunting" proving she was willing to take on risky roles. All in all a silly soap opera but entertaining.
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