Rusted out
13 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea why other reviewers are upbeat about this one. First, it barely qualifies as sci-fi; it's mostly a dry melodrama. The plot involves scientist Paul Frees who discovers an alien fungus that grows in his lab and kills him passively (looking mostly like a hunk of wet canvas).

But the majority of the movie involves his estranged wife, supposedly a carrier of the fungus; she is constantly on the run, believing she's criminally involved with his death. We never ever see the monster in action, we only glimpse it a few anticlimactic moments. The stuff shows up in a freight car, in her apartment, but illogically, she is never affected by it; nor do we ever see it attack anyone. The film ends with stock footage of an airplane making an emergency landing.

And that's all you get. If you want better fare along these lines, try MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE. This one's totally forgettable.
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