The Colony (2015)
Can we all just tell the story...
8 July 2016
There is a compelling, horrifying true story that should be told. However, Colonia was so badly done, with so many obviously fake dramatic turns that impact of the real facts is completely lost. How much stock can one put in the brutality of the torture and the complicity with the Pinochet regime if we have a fake couple, a unbelievable "rescue", and an escape even more outrageously silly than the film that it copied from??

I've bought into 70's scream flicks with ketchup blood more than I did into the Colonia plot. At least in those films - incredibly stupid decisions have consequences.

Wrapping a moronic and poorly told story in true events and adding some real pictures at the end does nothing to improve a bad film - it just dishonors the true heroes and victims.
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