Tripping the Rift (2004–2007)
It doesn't understand humor
22 July 2016
Humor is a difficult thing to master. You can have a joke and tell it in such a way that it either makes the listener pee their pants with laughter, wince in discomfort, or sigh in apathy. All the same joke, just different ways of telling it.

Something very simple can ruin a joke: poor timing; not knowing that the word "porn" is not a punch line to everything and shouldn't be treated as such; that falling off a small ledge isn't funny without proper setup; that simple announcing you're gay isn't funny without some kind of context; and so forth.

Some people don't understand that there is an entire art to comedy. Louis CK can tell a story about getting a hand job and it's hilarious. Dane Cook did the same thing and it's lame. Andy Kaufman ate a bowl of ice cream and it was brilliant. Tom Green ate a bowl of cereal and no one cared.

Tripping the Rift wants to do shock comedy, but it doesn't understand the first thing about comedy. It's the Dane Cook and Tom Green of cg animated shows.
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