Even the grumpy have a soft side
21 September 2016
Sweden has chosen "En man som hater Ove" (A Man Called Ove) - English Subtitled, based on the Fredrik Backman's 2012 novel (I really need to start reading more) as their official Oscar Foreign Language entry. Ove (Rolf Lassagard - already a Seattle and Guldbagge Festival Best Actor winner for "Ove) is a grumpy old man who has lost his title of property manager to an old friend and his wife to an accident. Taking his misfortunes out on anyone and anything that gets in his way, neighbors and friends do their best to stay clear of his presence. Enter a young mixed race couple Parvaneh (Bahar Pars) and Patrik (Tobias Almbord) and their two young girls, who move across from Ove and painstakingly force him out of his doom and gloom existence. With a running time of almost 2 hours, the film tends to go on as it unravels Ove's hidden backstory. Luckily, director Hannes Holms and writer Backman have provided a unique environment to marvel at, and a cast of quirky lovable characters (especially Bahar Pars) to sustain one's interest. Foreign films are great, for many reason, a few of which are that we are introduced to unfamiliar actors and locations.
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