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The Ring (2002)
You Die In 7 Days!
9 October 2016
Though I haven't yet seen 1998's "Ringu" (from Japan) - I certainly thought that 2002's "The Ring" (which was its American remake) was (as far as modern-day ghost stories go) a satisfyingly eerie tale of the supernatural. This film actually produced some very real and powerful chills without having to resort to grinding excessive, bloody gore into my face.

Featuring plenty of ghostly images to frighten the viewer, royally - Along with a mellow flow of hypnotically haunting music (composed by Hans Zimmer) to set the mood - "The Ring" certainly didn't let me down at all as its story went deep into an investigation into the deaths of those who had viewed a mysterious video tape.

Impressively directed by Gore Verbinski - There was definitely no question in my mind that this talented movie-maker understood the genre of film that he was working with, completely.

For me, "The Ring" was a real "gem-of-a-fright-flick" whose spooky images and scary story-line actually stayed with me long after the whole horror-show was over.
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