Only Interesting because of Robert Vaughan
15 December 2016
We just lost Robert Vaughan a few weeks ago. He was a great character actor and is best remembered for "The Man from UNCLE." In this one he plays the title character who longs to find out what is beyond the place where the ancestors and the priests have forbidden him and his peers to go. He, of course, is going there. This movie, done by Roger Corman, and marketed strictly to the drive-in set of the fifties, is pretty bad, and I am very patient with the B-movies of this time. Someone mentioned the Twilight Zone and this idea has been used there, but the thing was done on an extremely low budget with most likely single takes over a very short period of time. The only reason to watch it would be to see what Corman was doing at the time. And, of course, to see the young (though not that young) Robert Vaughan.
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