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15 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Fúsi, the protagonist of... "Fúsi" (played in a great and touching performance by Gunnar Jónsson) is a grown man that, for whatever reason, has had no luck in his relationships: lives with his mother (and her visiting boyfriend), works at the airport moving luggage and his big hobbies are recreating World War II battles with a friend and listening to heavy metal in his car, looking to the immensity of the sea.

He is also being bullied at his job, and his mother and her boyfriend make constant comments about him being alone and not finding someone to be with. Not only so, but poor Fúsi has to suffer the way society works: for example, at his favorite restaurant, all the tables are always ready for two people.

When his mother's boyfriend gives him for his birthday a dancing class' pass, Fúsi is not particularly thrilled. He is forced and bullied to attend the first class, but decides to run away and hide in his car. And then... Life is full of surprises.

"Fúsi" is a touching and moving picture, with lots of very smart moments, a great direction and perfectly anchored by the amazing performance by Gunnar Jónsson. One look, one stutter or a raised eyebrow... He embodies the character and makes us understand Fúsi. The plot is really good too, even if it falls into a couple of cheap plot developments (the little girl that comes to live to the same building Fúsi lives in and the friendship that happens between them both). On a personal note, I would rather have had Fúsi and Sjöfn staying just as friends (it would have offered a different view of Fúsi and an interesting view of friendships between men and women even if there is some physical attraction). But that is a minor personal quibble.

"Fúsi" is an amazing movie. Totally recommended.
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