Jonathan Creek: The Sinner and the Sandman (2014)
Season 5, Episode 2
If only someone could predict 6 lottery numbers for me
17 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Mr Ipswich, a retired and elderly psychic predicts the Lottery numbers in unusual circumstances, strangely it is won by local man Leonard Corbyn many years after his prediction. The local Church newsletter manages to bring sensitive news to its readers without much effort, however they fail to report on a strange beast seen wandering the Vicarage grounds.

I remember this series coming in for a fair bit of flack at the time of its transmission, and I don't remember being bowled over, but upon revisiting, I rather enjoyed it, some good use of humour, well delivered lines, and some good performances, notably the one from Selina Griffiths. Renwick always manages to mix humour and sadness incredibly well, we get the funny opening, which sees Jonathan release the tied up criminals, then we get Polly's recollection of the death of her rabbit as a child, and her creating of the Sandman.

It feels a wee bit padded in the middle I guess, but overall I really enjoyed it. 7/10
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