Flying with the enemy
2 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jessica is surrounded by the wealthy and successful on a first class plane to London. Her travel companions include the glamorous actress Sonny Greer, along with her Chauffeur Leon, a Hollywood producer Gunnar Globle a Member of the British CID, Inspector Errol Pogson and a secretive couple. The flight is interrupted when Leon is discovered dead, and a valuable necklace of Sonny's he'd been protecting is discovered missing.

It comes as no surprise to see this episode sitting at the top of the IMDb pile of rated episodes. It is wonderfully clever, loaded with characters and genuinely suspenseful. Jessica has her work cut out as she has two crimes to solve.

It is a fabulous looking episode, expenses were clearly not stinted on this one. A first rate cast, Kate Mulgrew is excellent and certainly looks the part as Sonny Greer. Worth watching for the performance of Mary Jo Catlett (Mrs Metcalf) alone, who adds the lighter side to the episode, an actress I am hugely fond of.

I can see why this one is so highly regarded, personally I wouldn't say it's my favourite, but it's in the top ten. 9/10
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