The Mercy (2018)
The Mercy: A story of a mid-life crisis?
12 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
BBC made film based on fact.

Donald Crowhurst, who was married with 4 children, and an amature weekend sailor, attempted a single handed, non-stop, around the world boat race.

In my opinion pushing boundaries is admirable ... BUT ...

I couldn't help thinking whether a responsible bloke would really abandon their family and attempt such a dangerous lengthy challenge, when there was a 50% chance of survival? Especially when the bloke in question was unprepared, and in a boat that was practically unfinished and untested!

It doesn't make any sense!

On top of that, Donald was a total cheat, he stopped in Argentina to make some repairs, exaggerated his progress reports and falsified his logs. Suffered hallucinations due to deteriorating mental state and felt guilty for causing the sinking of another competitors (Nigel Tetley's) boat.

Eventually could no longer maintain the lies and committed suicide due to the intense scrutiny his logs would have undergone and the overwhelming guilt. The film was well made, but I was completely irritated by Donald's attitude towards his responsibilities, and felt he probably got what he deserved in the end, hence the 5/10 score.
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